A Few of My Favourite Things!

The past few years of working with women and massaging them through their pregnancies and beyond, I have been asked many questions and for recommendations. Researching and trying out products that would benefit my clients has been, let’s admit, a little bit fun. Maybe a lot fun. It’s like shopping for others! After finding so many products and a lot of not so great products, I wanted to only recommend products that were worth the money, did what they claimed, were Aussie made and owned and were either really cool or really pretty! I do like pretty things! So here are my top 5 favourite things! (Which aren’t in any particular order)

  1. The Toilet Stool.  Yep, the toilet stool is exactly what it says. A stool to use in the toilet! I use one (mine’s pink!), and my hubby uses it too. The Toilet Stool raises your knees (mimicking a squat) so that eliminating is mush easier! Because while sitting or standing, your puborectalis muscle is kinked. This is so waste is retained until eliminated. The motto? SIT, ELEVATE, ELIMINATE! Squatting allows the puborectalis muscle to fully relax making elimination so much easier without straining (which we can result in constipation and haemorrhoids). Eew. Want to know more or purchase one? We have a few instore or you can follow the link bit.ly/rfhstool
  2. Support Pillows. Therapeutic Pillow offer a range of pillows to help with all kinds of situations. Sleeping, pregnancy, snoring, children, leg support, back support and more. Body pillows to hug and smoosh around you for comfort, wedges to support your pregnant belly and reduce tension and strain. I use one in all my pregnancy massages. Ask me instore for the range and I can order you one or follow the link bit.ly/rfhpillow
  3. Amazing Oils, Magnesium Spray. Cramps and restless leg seem to be so common in pregnancy that as soon as anyone mentions it, they’re almost dismissed with ‘well that’s normal”. Yeah, we know it is. What do we do about it? Is what we are really asking, how do I help this pain go away and stay away? There are a few remedies and old wive’s tales and natural therapies (like massage, which isn’t helpful at 3am…) but there are a few products and this one I like. Magnesium is known to help muscles. That’s one of the reasons we crave chocolate during our period. The Amazing Oils, Magnesium Spray is a great no-negative-side-effects product that is safe during pregnancy to help with these conditions. Its not really an oil but it soaks in best through the skin and does amazing things. We have these available in store (Ipswich) so pick one up at your next massage appointment.
  4. Maternitea. Tea. Herbal Tea. Yummy herbal tea safe for pregnancy. Designed for each stage through the perinatal year. Fertilitea, Verilitea, First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, Breastfeeding, Bambinitea. There are 10 individual flavours and 6 tri packs. They’re organic, they’re Aussie owned, caffeine free. The pyramid tea bags are bio-degradable and they’re packed in gorgeous embossed tins. We stock them in store (variety may change to availability) so check out the range at your next massage appointment. Who doesn’t love a good cuppa!
  5. Lavender Eye Pillows. These are handmade from QLd grown lavender and organic linseed. Did I say handmade by my daughter? Yeah, she is super talented! Bragging aside, the eyepillows are just that, gorgeous lavender smelling (flowers not oils) pillows that you place over your eyes for a little peace and comfort. They were designed to give you (Mums) a moment to concentrate on slowing your breathing down, a moment to relax. (We know how busy mums are, I have 4 children!) They are also great to fall asleep with, lavender helps you fall asleep. My mother uses one for when she cant get to sleep or when she wakes during the night. Five minutes and she is out cold! These are only available in store so if you want one well you know what to do! Pop into store to pick one up!